Shipping & Returns


Do you ship internationally?

We ship to most EU countries and try to offer a global range of delivery to other countries. Be sure checkout our SHIPPINGS page here (link) for all the countries we currently ship to.


What shipping methods are available?

At this moment shipping is done through Post NL, DPD and/or DHL


What is your return policy?

Returns are accepted within 2 weeks from the date of delivery. Items must be in a good, unused condition. Please contact us if you would like to initiate a hassle-free return for a full refund.


Do you offer free shipping?

We offer free shipping to every country if you order above a certain amount. Be sure to check out our SHIPPINGS page here (link) to see how much that is for your country.


What is your delivery time?

Domestic (orders) are usually delivered within 1-2 days. International orders are usually delivered within 2-4 days. As soon as your order is ready for shipping you will receive a track & trace, follow your order from there on out. Delivery schedules are at best an estimation only. Actual delivery times may vary depending on shipping locations.




Do I need an account to place orders?

You do not need an account to order at Krienskincare.com. It will make it easier


Products & Philosophy


Are all Krien Skincare products 100% Natural and Vegan?

100% Natural – Krien Skincare products are 100% natural but they are not organic. Organic refers to a specific set of rules when farming the plants that are then used to make cosmetic ingredients such as not using pesticides on the plants and observing farming methods such as crop rotation. The ingredients we use are 100% natural (so plant derived) but of conventional grade, not organic. It is illegal to claim the product is organic without certifying it.

Vegan – All Krien Skincare products are vegan and all ingredients are plant derived. The squalene we used in the Krien Hydrating Face Serum is derived from olives and the hyaluronic acid is derived from the fermentation of plant material.

Furthermore, we do not use any harmful synthetics and do not test any product or ingredient on animals


Where are your products made? 

All Krien Skincare products are made in The Netherlands. This simply allows us to access the highest grade of ingredients and to leverage the most sophisticated formulating technology in the industry.


So, I need a skincare routine?

“Skin Care Routine” is just a term that sounds complicated. A routine is really just a series of steps. Like if you wake up, first have your coffee before taking a shower and then brushing your teeth after. The point is, you don’t really think about it, you just do it out of habit. That’s a routine.  Our philosophy at Krien Skincare is to help you develop a routine with easy-to-use products for everyday self-care.


What about your packaging and sustainability?

Apart from our 100% natural and vegan products, we explore new solutions to skincare with respect for nature — striving to leave the planet in a better condition than how we found it. Our tubes are made from bio-plastic, derived from sugar cane waste, the glass serum bottles can be recycled with your other glass products. We only print using 100% recycled paper or FSC-certified methods with no toxic inks, our stickers are vegan and we only produce in quantities we know we’ll use


Do I need to have a particular skin type to use Krien Skincare products? 

There are basically 5 main skin types (normal, dry, oily, combination and sensitive) Our products are designed to cover a broad range of skin types, so most men (and women) can use them. It’s good to know that skincare products are always quite personal. What works for you might not work so well for someone else.




Do you accept all payment methods?

We accept payment through all major credit cards, PayPal & Ideal. You do NOT need a PayPal account to use this checkout option. During the PayPal checkout process, you can pay with a credit/debit card or pay with your PayPal account.